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Experience: With over 20 years of wireless communications site management experience CSMI is among the largest communications site management companies in North and South Carolina. Utilizing CSMI to manage your unoccupied rooftop or tower space is a "Risk-Free" opportunity with no cost or obligation to you!

Direct Sales: CSMI’s team has an extensive list of contacts within the wireless communication community. Their efforts promote exposure to your property for those carriers that need to lease space for a new site. The end result is a stream of monthly revenue that you would not otherwise realize.

Marketing: CSMI is an active participant at industry trade shows, (CWA, PCIA, CTIA, Rural Wireless Association and AGL Regional Conference) and in wireless publications such as RCR and Wireless Week. CSMI’s site locator allows our clients to surf CSMI sites and inquire about sites of specific interest.

Contract Negotiations: CSMI has a team of professionals that review and negotiate all the terms of the License Agreements for your property.

Billing and Collections: CSMI will handle all correspondence, billing, mailing, and collections of payments from each carrier that has installed equipment on your rooftop or tower. CSMI will in turn send a check to you, the property owner each month.

Support/Customer Service: CSMI's team includes experienced personnel in the field of administration, accounting, leasing, sales, site acquisition, and engineering. Our staff is dedicated to ensure our property owners realize the highest revenue potential for their properties.

Site Walks: CSMI will schedule and accompany our clients on site walks to determine the suitability of each rooftop or tower to meet the carrier's needs. In each case CSMI will coordinate with the property owner for a convenient time and designated location for access in advance.

Maintenance/Access: CSMI monitors all rooftop or tower site activity including new installation, removals, and upgrades to ensure that your property is in full compliance with FCC regulation.

Commitment: CSMI is committed to the complete management of your facility and will direct any and all carrier activities to ensure they are completed in our property owner's best interest.

Revenue: CSMI’s continued management and marketing efforts will promote additional exposure towards long term revenue opportunities. As technology advances, CSMI will continue to market your rooftop or tower to new and emerging communications companies in an effort to capitalize on additional revenue streams.